SS Rajamouli’s RRR (Hindi) Box Office Estimate Day 4: Remains extraordinary on Monday; collects Rs. 16 crores plus :Bollywood Box Office

RRR has continued with its roaring run at the box office as the film has passed the Monday test with distinction. According to early estimates, the movie has collected in the range of Rs. 16 to 18 crores on Monday, taking the four day total to Rs. 90 crore plus. This is a drop of merely 10 to 15 percent from the opening day.

SS Rajamoulis RRR Hindi Box Office Estimate Day 4 Remains

This is a spectacular hold for a film that was running at excellent occupancies in its opening weekend, in-fact, this hold has assured a successful status for RRR in the long run in Hindi. The movie was rock solid across the board, and with ticket prices coming down by a significant margin of 35 percent, the footfalls of RRR on Monday were actually higher than Friday.

The four day run of RRR is very similar to Kabir Singh, which also collected Rs. 15 crore plus on Monday after a start of Rs. 19 crore. The best faring areas for RRR were Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bihar, with Gujarat going in another league. The jumps in Gujarat all through the weekend suggest that RRR might end up being one of the top 3 netters of all time in the state.

RRR needs to do Rs. 180 crore at the box office in its lifetime run to emerge a successful venture and this trend suggests that the same benchmark should be breached by end of 2nd week. This would be the fourth successful film in the Hindi belts after Sooryavanshi, Pushpa, Gangubai and RRR.

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